Monday, September 28, 2015

Showing Charity and Gaining Faith!‏ Week 30!!

Hey everyone,
Well another week has gone by, can't believe I am entering the last week of the transfer. That's so crazy I will find out what will happen next Saturday and I will let you guys know on Monday. I think me and Elder Gillen Will be staying together, it should be awesome because I love that guy. I think Elder Black will be leaving and I'll miss him a lot. It is been a fun week and we got a lot of work done and We were able to see some success.

We had a really good lesson on Tuesday with one of our less active members, he is a really good guy and he was really nice to us, from what we gathered he was pretty strong in the church but he got pushed into doing a lot of things and it kind of pushed them away. So we did our best by just showing love towards him, cause at this point I think that's all we can do trying to push him to church won't help. It will have to be done with charity, so our plans are every week or two we will just share a spiritual message with his family and try and help them with whatever they are going through, something I have learned is we need to take care of the members we have before the lord will trust us with bringing others into the church.

One thing that I've been struggling with is having faith, having faith in the people that we talk to that they will be interested in wanting to learn and wanting to hear from us. One day this week I was kind of sick of doing anything and Elder Gillen suggested we go knock a street and I was just thinking yeah that's gonna work ha ha anyways we went to knock the street and we found three new investigators from it. Sometimes it's so hard to be faithful and my companions have to have that faith for me but it is so cool when you do something that you have no faith in and something good happens, it is such a faith Builder for me. 

I gave a training this week in district meeting, about loving the people around us especially our companions. It all kind of comes back to we treat those we love and care for the most worse than we treat people we don't know. I love my to companions Elder Gillen and Elder Black and I've learned a lot from them. but the things that I shared in my training was that Jesus Christ loves everyone with a perfect love. And if we can just look for that perfect love and apply it to those around us especially loved ones it will help us grow as individuals and grow a stronger witness of Jesus Christ. I also think it is important to Forget One's Self, Forgetting One’s Self-The Mission is not about you, Put Companions, Members, Less Active's, Recent Converts, Investigators and Contacts above you. We as Missionaries need to look for opportunities to be an example of the Pure Love of Christ.

This week went really well and I was able to see how showing love and caring for others help strengthen my faith in finding and in this wonderful work the scripture at like to share with you guys this week is 1st Nephi 1:20 .....But behold, I, Nephi, will show unto you that the tender mercies of the Lord are over all those whom he hath chosen, because of their faith, to make them mighty even unto the power of deliverance. Love and miss you all have a wonderful week. :)

Elder Gentry


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