Monday, May 11, 2015


Hey Everybody, it was so nice to talk to you guys yesterday I really
enjoyed it and had a wonderful day. This last week was pretty good.

Tuesday we had Zone Conference, it's where three different zones meet
up to here someone talk to us and help us become better missionaries.
We had Elder Clark of the seventy who does mission tours all the time
and this was his last one. He talked a lot about the effectiveness of
working through members when is comes to finding those to teach. He
asked all of us to try and develop stronger relationships with the
members in our Ward. He also stressed teaching the cans and the
wannas, the people who can progress and want to progress. Because one
thing we can't do is change people's desires. They have to want to
apply themselves to the gospel. It was awesome to hear Elder Clark.

Wednesday was the day we dodged the Florida rain. It was raining all
morning when we were studying and as soon as we left the house it
stopped raining and we got to the church. It started raining again.
When we left the church is stopped raining and we were able to go over
the cosway and go to our appointment, while we were in our appointment
is started raining again it was crazy how we didn't have to deal with
it. We had a good day and were able to meet with quite a bit of

Thursday was a pretty good day we just met with a lot less actives and
try to find more people. And Friday I had an exchange with Elder
Anderson. He came down with me for the day I had to plan the day. So
we went and saw some less actives one of them is brother C.  he's
just really cool guy he got married and sealed in the temple to his
previous wife. But his wife that he is married to now is not member so
it's holding him back.he still makes it to church every once in a
while it was good to talk with him. Saturday we did some weekly
planning. And Sunday was just a good day at church and it was so nice
to talk to the family. I hope all of you guys have a great week love
you and miss you guys

Elder Gentry

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