Tuesday, May 26, 2015

HEY! 05/18/15

Hey everyone it's been a pretty good week. Tuesday I stayed in my area
and had an exchange with the Vieira elders, I was with Elder Packard,
he goes home in two weeks. We just went and saw a lot of less actives
and had an appointment with the kernel he has been slowly progressing
lately, but hasn't been keeping up on his reading and praying. But
overall me and elder Packard had a great day.

Wednesday we met with this less active, her name is M.A. 
She is awesome she was baptized in the church but went less active age
14 with her family. She is probably like 65 years old and she feels
like somethings missing in her life and she feels like she needs that
guidance in that help that the gospel brings. we taught her the
restoration. And she loved everything about it and she wanted us to
come back this coming week so we're really looking forward to that
it's so nice to see someone progress so quickly.

Thursday was zone training meeting, it's my second one. It's where
everyone in the zone gets together and helps each other become better
missionaries. One of the missionaries in our zone gave a training on
studying effectively. It's probably something that stood out to me the
most. Because if we study effectively for the people that we want to
teach we will be able to help them grow and progress.

Friday was our weekly planning day, Saturday I went on an exchange
with the Rockledge Elders, I went with Elder Smith, he is a really
good missionary we went and saw some less actives. We had a really
cool experience with getting a new investigator for them. We talked to
this guy about the book of Mormon and he was interested and wanted to
learn more about our religion. Me and elder Smith had a great day.
Sunday was a good day as well, we got to end this week by going to a
fire with one of my favorite members brother and sister Wilson. The
members are still taking care of us really well,they are all just so
great, looking forward to a great week and hope you all have a great
week love you and miss you all.

Elder Gentry

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