Monday, June 15, 2015

Good Impressions!‏ Week 15 (PS I ate Alligator... & liked it)

Hey everyone, this week has been pretty good. It has also been pretty
challenging, the situation that we are in in our area Melbourne east,
It's a finding situation so we're trying to find people to teach and
trying to find those less actives that are willing to hear from us.
But as we keep working faithfully I know we will be able to find
people. Tuesday I went on exchanges with Vieira, Elder Penfold came
down to my area and we had a pretty successful day. We decided to go
knock the richest houses in Melbourne hah. We talked to this way cool
lady and she might be interested in the church. Plus we got like a
water bottle at every house. we tried to meet with some different less
actives and did some contacting in the park.

Wednesday we had district meeting, district meeting went really good
one thing that really stuck out to me. Was Elder Lauritzens training,
he gave a training on how we can use the Book of Mormon more
effectively in our teaching. Elder Booth also gave a way good training
he talked about the importance of meaning what we say when we are
praying and making our prayers more from the heart and not repetitive.
we also had a lesson With Brother H, I love this guy he is so
great. we taught him the importance of the plan of salvation and
having that knowledge can really help us in our lives. We also had him
teach us back the plan of salvation and he did a really good job, he
probably taught it more simply then I did haha.

Thursday we picked up a new investigator which got me pumped, I'm so
excited going forward and she was super interested in what we had to
tell her. Her name is K.  and she is just super open and wants to
learn more. We were trying to follow up on a less active, and K. 
answered the door and said that the lady that we were looking for
moved out, but she wanted to know what we were here for and wanted to
know more about the church. So we taught her the restoration. It went
really good, and I can't wait to teach her more this next coming week.

Friday was weekly planning. But after we planned we decided to make a
bunch of chocolate chip cookies and go deliver them to less actives.
Sister L, One of our less actives has stopped talking to us and
won't answer our phone calls so I wanted to give her cookies to see
how she was doing and she answered the door and she looked really mad
and gave me a evil look until I gave her some cookies haha, so I
learned that sometimes we just need to make a good impressions on
people and show them that we really care about them before they will
care to give us some of there time.

Saturday we went and did some service for the sweetest little old
lady, she is a recent convert in our ward and she just loves the
missionaries she thinks so highly of us and she's always willing to
take care of us. She loves to feed us and she's always giving us food
to take home. It was nice to do something back for her. Sunday was a
good day, it was fast Sunday so I didn't have much energy haha. But it
was really good and we were able to teach some lessons, we also met
with the B's, it has been a while but it went really good. We just
talked about the importance of coming to church and partaking of the
sacrament and what it does for us each week as we take the sacrament.
I had a pretty good week and I'm excited going into the next one I
hope all of you guys have a great week love ya and miss you all.

Elder Gentry

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