Monday, June 8, 2015

Transfers & David A. Bednar!!!‏ ( week 14 )


      Hey everyone it has been a great week. So I found out who my new companion is on Tuesday. His name is Elder Honda he is 1/4 Japanese. He is from Grand Junction, Colorado. He is such a nice guy and is always trying to help, he is a hard worker and very motivated to do the work so we got a lot of stuff done this week. Elder Weiss went to College Park. Transfer meeting was pretty nerve wracking, waiting for them to tell me who my Next Companion is but it was pretty fun. I got to hear the departing missionaries testimonies which was pretty cool. Elder Packard was the only one I knew because he was in Vieira and I went on Exchanges with him. his testimony was so powerful and he just talked about how we have to have love for those that we teach.

Wednesday was my first official day working with Elder Honda, He is super good at planning so we will always have a lot to do. it was bike week and my bike made it a week without any problems haha. we went to visit a lot of less actives and didn't have much success. We had dinner with the Monday nighters, it is a group of married widowed's they are so awesome and they love to take care of the missionaries. We taught a lesson with a Recent Convert M.P. , a lesson on Faith in Jesus Christ and how it is a foundation in our lives. We shared a video, it is one of my favorites it is Mountains To Climb.

Thursday was Zone Training Meeting, It went really good, We focussed on our vision of becoming more effective missionaries. I had to give a training on Safeguards for using Technology. There are 4 steps in the safeguards. Being In tune with spiritual Promptings, Being focused on our missionary purpose, Being Disciplined and Being One. I chose to focus my training on Being in tune with spiritual promptings cause i feel like it is the most important one to follow if we want to accomplish the work with the tools that we have. Later we had a lesson with Brother H. and we taught him a lesson on missionary work and how as members of the church we need to always be missionary minded.

Friday was a really good day, it is weekly planning so if we don't have a effective weekly planning then the week wont be as effective and Elder Honda is really good at planing so we have stuff to be doing every day all the time. We also taught three lessons. We taught the Plan of Salvation to M. A.  and it went really good and she loves it. We taught L. D.  the importance of modern day prophets and S. G.  the importance of the Sacrament. 

This last weekend Elder Bednar Came all the way to florida for Cocoa Stake Confernce and only the missionaries in the Cocoa Stake Got to hear from him it was way cool to listen to him in church. On Saturday He gave an amazing Talk Here are some of the things he talked about. If we simply want Christlike attributes and gifts we won't get them. We can't just simply want to be better study up and change. That's insanity. God works through us to bless others! All the gifts we can ever get will be used to bless others! Others believe Mormons earn their way to heaven. In the Book of Mormon is says we are saved by grace after all we can do. Professionals have argued over grace for decades and your telling me a 14 year old boy solved it by making up one verse? That's crazy! We aren't cleansed in the baptismal font. We are cleansed at the completion with the ordinance of the Holy Ghost. An ordinance is not a ritual. It's a doorway. Every time we participate in them the door opens wider and we receive more blessings to help sustained us.
Christ would say ordinances are important!!! With every ordinance is a covenant. 
Agency isn't just choosing. We are agents who can act and not simply be acted upon which is agency. Through ordinances we change the nature of our agency from individual agency to representative agency. We are making a pledge to gain more blessings. It is the beginning of the transformation, it becomes more about him and NOT US.. WHEN OUR AGENCY IS ENLARGED LIKE THIS, REPRESENTING CHRIST TAKES PRIORITY OVER ANYTHING ELSE WE COULD EVER DESIRE FOR OURSELVES.

It was pretty amazing hearing from and Apostle and I learned a lot.  I'm really excited going forward with Elder Honda and having a great transfer.  I hope all of you guys have a great next week. I love and miss you all.

Elder Gentry

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