Tuesday, July 26, 2016


Hey Everyone, 

Week 5 of this Transfer is ova! Crazy how fast these transfers just fly by! Well things here in Deland are going very well and the progress that has been made in our area is really cool to see. I'm still Trunkier then Elder Olsen who goes home in 1 week hahah it's all good tho you know I'm puttin' in the work!! This past week we had a lot of good things happen and I'm very excited for next Saturday!!!

Willie truly is the Man of the Year!! We had some good lessons with him this week and we are almost finished with teaching everything he knows before his baptism, Yes his Baptism is this Saturday!!! After Willies Baptismal Interview with President Humphries (2nd Councilor In the Mission Presidency), Elder Olsen went in for a Departing interview, while Elder Olsen was in his interview I just hung out with Willie. We were talking and he looks at me and says "yo Gentry so what are we...are we cooo" Yea man were Cool"like are we frenzzz" MAN WERE STRAIGHT HOMIES "Awww Fur realll, heck ya!!!" ...........Willie is sickk and I'm happy that I've got to get to know him. He also asked me when we were talking if I could baptize him!! I Gladly accepted and told him I would love too. I'm super stoked for him!!!!

One thing that was cool this week is that I got to have a solid lesson with some really cool people. Brother and sister Heater, because this was Elder Kings former area, the first thing he put on my to do list when I got here to Deland was to visit his recent convert brother heater. It has been a struggle getting in contact with them but we finally did it. Elder King had lots of great things to say about him and said he worried about a little bit so we went over to see how they were doing and had a solid visit with them. Found out that every good thing that Elder King said about him was true they are a wonderful family. It was really nice to see them at church this week to!!

Something I wanted to share from a talk given by Elder Richard G. Scott, "Reach out to those living in adverse circumstances. Be a true friend. This kind of enduring friendship is like asphalt that fills the potholes of life and makes the journey smoother and more pleasant. It should not be a resource used to gain personal advantage but a treasure to be appreciated and shared. Recognize the good in others, not their stains. At times a stain needs appropriate attention to be cleansed, but always build on his or her virtues." I think it's important that we love everyone and do our best to make friendships and help them in the best way possible!! Friends are important!

Well I'm really liking my time here in Deland and I'm enjoying the people around me. Things have been going really good this transfer! I'm super excited for Saturday to be able to see Willie make the decision to follow the example of our savior Jesus Christ! I love this Great work and I know the Gospel Blesses lives. I'm thankful for the opportunity to share the Truth that I Love! The scripture that I would like to share this week comes from Mosiah 4:15 15 But ye will teach them to walk in the ways of truth and soberness; ye will teach them to love one another, and to serve one another. I love you all have a good week!!

Elder Gentry
                                                        Willie and I  So excited for him! 
                                               With the new Mission President and his Wife
                                                                      "True Homies"
                                                        Found a sign that says UTAH!!!

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