Monday, August 10, 2015

Faith=Actions : Hope=Attitude‏ Week 23

Hey Everyone,

Things have changed again here in Minneola. Elder Lavin was moved to another area so it is back to me and Elder Bateman. Things are looking good but it will be a little challenging cause now we are covering two areas for the Next three Weeks. There is a lot going on in theses areas and we have plenty to do and many people to see. This week went good and we were able to see a lot of success. 

We had lots of fun at the Clermont Night Out Event they had on Tuesday. We set up a tent and we were teaching people about safety and introducing the church that way. We are looking for all different types of ways to find people to teach. People would come to our tent and we would talk to their family about safety and family home evenings and it will strengthen the family and help them stay closer together and keep them safe. There was lots of games for kids to play and we got to discuss some of the church standards and help people learn more about us. It was a success we put in a good name for the church.

One thing that was really cool this week is we were able to get our investigator to sacrament and he loved it I think haha. Me and Elder Bateman were driving through this neighborhood after we just got done visiting a less active. When he was outside playing basketball with his friend. We stopped and we're like can we play you guys in a quick game and so we did and we beat them haha we had a good lesson on the restoration. He seemed really interested and we were talking about the Joseph Smith and the first vision. I bore testimony of how our Savior Jesus Christ and our heavenly father appeared to Joseph Smith to restore the fullness of the Gospel, we invited him to be baptized and he said that he would and then we got to come to church this week it was really cool. So wish us luck going forward with him.

This week we also had ZTM, there was a lot of good things that came from ZTM we were all little shocked when our mission president who's not normally at ZTM said that we need to start tracting more and knock on those doors. He pretty much said that we're not getting enough help from our members so we need to find as much people as we can through knocking so hopefully this goes good because knocking isn't the most effective use of time but hopefully we can find some people to teach. Someone also gave a training and they said something that really stuck out to me Faith is denoted by the actions that we take and hope is the attitude we have when we take these actions. I learned a lot from ZTM and I am looking forward to applying these things to my area.

Things are going great in my area and this past week was really good. The Scripture I want to leave with you guys this week is Alma 32:21 And now as I said concerning faith--faith is not to have a perfect knowledge of things; therefore if ye have faith ye hope for things which are not seen, which are true. Love you all have a great ballin week.

Elder Gentry 

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