Thursday, April 16, 2015

Last Week in the MTC 03/07/2015

Hey Guys!!

This has been a good week. It all goes by so fast.  It is crazy that I will be in Orlando Florida in 2 days. I leave at 10 a.m. Monday morning and i will  get there around 4 p.m. I'm getting pretty excited. 

I have had the opportunity all week to do more role plays and they can get pretty tough. my first role play was with this guy named Dan he was in a wheelchair and couldn't really use his arms. Getting to know him at first was pretty awkward he has no christian background.  He believed that god doesn't exist and it was really hard to get him to believe, but i think because we have been teaching him more and more about it every day he is starting to believe its awesome to see him go through that kind of change. 
We also have been role playing with my teacher Sister Rasmussen and her character is Carissa so it like i was saying she like has a different personality it is a little weird but it make role playing with her so real. She believes in God so it is a little easier. We have been teaching her how she can have a relationship with him and after our last lesson she called me and my companion Elder Thornock and told us how well we did with our testimony's and targeting her needs.  So that has been going really awesome.

 My classes have been teaching me a lot of stuff that I can apply to the mission field and the key is to teach stuff as simple as possible and it really helps.  The food here at the MTC has been getting better. Pizza Fridays are awesome me and my companion eat like 5 slices. It's from Papa Johns and it really good. 

Yesterday (Friday) we had infield orientation and it was really long but it taught how useful members can be in the mission field. Me and my companion really get along well we like a lot of the same stuff.  He loves rap music and raps all the time so that's how i get my music fix in and we talk a lot.  I saw that Grandma sent me a bunch of good stuff and its been great but a lot of people give us stuff all the time so we have tons of food and candy. In the book store they have Caffeine free Mountain Dew in cans but it tastes the same that's how I've been getting Mtn dews.  In our room one of the guys has to take medicine so we have a mini fridge in our room for his medicine and  that's how we keep our dews cold Haha. part of our district left on their missions last week, we have kinda missed them they were fun to hang out with. Elder Baughn (Bon) from North Carolina and Elder Baldry from Australia has a really cool accent. They are serving in the Salt lake City East mission. Glad i'm not going there haha. I saw that Craig and Sharla emailed me and it surprised me but i loved it, so i want his email so i can write him back i want grandmas email too.  I have been checking emails all week whenever I see a computer but I cant write back at all.  I  have to wait till P-Days.

 I love you Guys and Miss you all.

Love Elder Gentry

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