Thursday, April 16, 2015

MTC 02/28/2015

Hey guys!!

My first couple of days in the MTC are going great I'm learning a lot about the gospel, I'm also figuring out I already knew a lot.  How are all of you guys doing? My companions name is Elder Thornock he is  a really cool and we get along great.  The two other Elders I'm staying with is Elder Lieshmen and Elder Wiessman they are all  pretty cool to we all get along great.

The food here isn't the best but it's alright and there is lot of it.  I feel like the days are long but at the same time it seems like time is going fast. But i would say over all it is going great and my testimony is all ready being strengthened in the first couple of days! 

Our teacher is Sister Rasmussen and she is really nice. One thing I don't like all to much is role playing but at the same time it really helps.  The way we do it is so real.  Our teacher, who my companion and I role play with,  is almost like she is a whole new person.  She will leave the room and we have to go and knock on the door and treat her as if  we are just meeting her as  a new person for the first time.  We go in there and we have to have lessons prepared and ready to know what to say.  There is no timeout in the time we are with her if we  we mess up and want to start over and try to do a time out,  she would look at us weird! Haha.   Overall  i would say i'm really having a great time and that I got all worried about this for nothing they work with you and make you feel very welcome.

Cant wait to here back from you guys and love you all..

Love Elder Jordan Gentry

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