Thursday, April 16, 2015

First Week in the Field 03/16/2015

Hey Everyone,

 My first week has been a little crazy.  We got here in Florida at 5:00 in the evening and had a little dinner and met President and Sister Berry who are really cool and way nice. We had a good night at the mission home and had a little devotional which was really good.  

The next day we went to the church and was assigned to our companions and my companion is Elder Weiss (Wice) He is really cool and we get along great.  After we left the church, we went and got my bike from the local bike shop.  On our way home the bike fell off the rack and I lost the seat and messed up the grip on the handle bar but other than that everything works fine.  Its been hard for transportation last week because it was bike week for us and obviously I couldn't ride mine..  haha.  Next week it will be a car week and I've already got my bike fixed. so that's good.  

My companion and I  are pretty lucky cause we get a house to ourselves while everyone else is in an apartment. I am in the Melbourne area and its way nice.  I already really  like the people. It has been really  awesome  meeting some of the members.   My first night I met the Wilson's and they are awesome they are really friendly and they took care of us and we had pizza.  Another family i got to know were the V.'s they are awesome and very wealthy  haha...  They took my companion and I  to Texas roadhouse and let us get whatever we wanted,  so of course I got a 25 dollar steak it was the highlight of my week haha.   Mr V. also bought me a new seat for my bike.   So,  ya they are pretty great people.  One guy we have been teaching is Mr. L.,  he is an older guy prob in his 70's who is a southern Baptist but likes everything we believe in but doesn't want to go against his baptist roots so we have been really working with him. 

 This next week we are going to have a "member present"  lesson with a guy who once was a baptist and we really think that it will help him change. i was able to attend 2 baptisms they weren't my investigators but they were the investigators of people in my district.  It was really cool. 

 One thing about being the new guy is you are the one that gets to pray a lot!!!  I have prayed at someones house every night  this week and I said the opening prayer in sacrament meeting!!  But that  just means more blessings haha.  

Overall i have had a pretty great first week and cant wait to here from you guys and i love you all
Love Elder Gentry

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