Thursday, April 16, 2015


Hey everybody, 

It's been a pretty good week.  It's been a little slow,
Tuesday we had interviews with the mission president so that's all we
did that day. Wednesday I went on an exchange with Elder Christensen.
He is a really cool guy. We went and saw this guy  who is having problems quitting smoking, he is a less active, but he has a drive to quit smoking and he really hates his bad habit. So as we taught the plan of salvation that day we also talk to him about how our heavenly father wants us to be healthy. He really enjoyed our lesson and he is going to try his best to quit smoking. It was a really good lesson. 

 Thursday we biked all day. We tried to go meet with a lot of people,
there wasn't much people available to meet with so we knocked a few
doors and try to contact a couple of people. We contacted this one
lady and she seemed pretty interested in the church but she was moving
away so hopefully that she will meet with missionaries wherever she
goes. Later that night we had book of Mormon class, it happens every
Thursday. One of our investigators always comes to this class. He is a
southern baptist. And he loves everything about our church. But
doesn't want to go against his baptist roots. Sister Q. a lady in
our ward comes to Book of Mormon class, and she knows the Book of
Mormon really well and it helped him understand a lot of what we

Friday was just another boring Friday where we always do our weekly
planning. But it really helps when we weekly plan so we know what
ahead of us the next coming week.

 Saturday was a really good day we
went to another baptism. He's a really good guy and he's
really happy and way excited, his parents are members but they were
only baptized about six months prior. That night we went to high
priest social it went really well. It was at brother P's house.
He is very wealthy and lives right next to the big River so it was
really nice. He has a dock in his backyard he has a huge house and
there was a lot of good food we had a really good time.

Sunday was a really good day, It was a good fast and testimony
meeting. After church there wasn't much we could go do because it was
raining and we have the bikes can't wait till we have the car this
coming week. 

Today we had district Beach P-Day, it was really fun
we got to go to the beach  We were there from 6AM to 9AM and played ultimate frisbee, and beach volleyball.  We were able to watch the sunrise and just have a really good time. after that we went to this place called Shep's Diner really good food so has 
been a really  good day P-Day today. I'm really looking forward to this next week
and hope we can meet with the family we have been teaching, who were busy and were unable to
meet with us last week. Love and miss you all.

Elder Gentry

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