Thursday, April 16, 2015

Birthday Week 03/30/2015

Hey guys... 

This week went pretty good. On Tuesday I went on an exchange
with one of the zone leaders elder Tucker, he is a way cool guy. We
went and saw this less active his name is Brother N. He is a really
funny guy he is from Boston so I just talked to him about the patriots
winning the Super Bowl and how happy I was to see them win. We read a
chapter from the Book of Mormon and he loved it. He is really enjoying
the Book of Mormon and slowly seeing how it can help him in his life.
Later that day we went and gave a lesson to a guy named Mr. M on
the priesthood. He was baptized on Saturday. When we were there we
could tell he was very excited to be baptized. I had a lot of fun
working with Elder Tucker and learned a lot from him.

Wednesday was the first day that I biked and It sucked but it wasn't
as bad as people made it sound. We probably biked 20 miles.  The worst
part was going over the Cosway, the bridge between mainland and
beach side. When we got to the area we knocked some doors but didn't
have much success. We went and saw this less active member, brother
H.  he is a really cool guy and loves us. We talked to him about
prophets and showed him a talk from Pres Monson last year on how
important the savior is in our lives. He loved the talk and is excited
for General Conference. And we are excited for General Conference too,
they keep telling me it's the "Super Bowl of missions". Haha :) 

Thursday was my Birthday and it was a pretty good day. We went to
district meeting and I had to share a spiritual thought on how
important it is to have a positive attitude on your mission. The
sister missionary's in my district also made me a cake which was way
good. Me and Elder Weiss made the cake that mom sent me in my birthday
package. Packages are the best thing to get in the mission!!  Later
that day we went to Sis. E's  house who is a nice lady she is a
recent convert and loves the gospel. She made me chicken Alfredo (my favorite meal) and a
cake for my birthday.   Over dinner,  I talked with her husband about
football and I guess he is a huge Redskins fan.   They are one of the
Eagles rivals so he was telling me about the Eagles and how it sounds
like Chip Kelly made a dumb decision by trading Lesean McCoy and Nick
Foles!!  Good thing I'm not home or I would be mad!!  haha!  Later we had a
good lesson on the video "Because he lives".

The rest of the week was good  I  went to another baptism on Saturday.  Sis.  S.  she was really excited to get baptized is  a really nice lady.  On Sunday we had a little fire in the W's backyard it was really fun. It made me feel like I was back on the mountains camping. 

So yeah I had a pretty good week and I miss all of you guys!

Elder Gentry

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