Thursday, April 16, 2015

Hey from Florida 03/23/2015

Hey guys.. 

This week was pretty cool. We had a zone conference which was
pretty long and boring but we learned a lot about the importance of
having relationships with members because they can help us with
referrals. After sitting from 9 till 3 we got a reward. I finally got
an iPad and I get to keep it at the end of my mission. :)  It makes
everything so much easier and everything is organized. After zone
conference I started my first exchange with Elder Bateman.

An Exchange is when you trade companions for 24 hours. They are pretty
fun it is to learn from other missionary's and there different
approach on things. So I went to the Viera area while Elder Hansen
(Elder Batemans comp) went to my area Melbourne East. Some things I
learned from Elder Bateman who is 25 years old haha. Is that you need
to be powerful with your invitation like inviting someone to be

Later on our exchange we went and got all you can eat ribs from
Sonneys. And the reason I'm telling you this is because it's amazing
how wonderful and awesome the members are. They saw us two In our
white shirts and ties and came up to us and offered to pay for our
meal. There are really nice people in Florida. Later we went and met
with a less active. Sister G. she is a 65-70 year old lady who
was baptized when she was young but never cared to live the gospel.
She said she is starting to realize how important it is to live this
way and my companion made me teach the lesson all by myself. So I
taught her the plan of salvation and how it has been Important to me.

The next day, after the exchange and I'm back with my normal
companion. We were able to go to the rodeo which was awesome even though it was a service project and we were working concessions.  It took me back to working concessions at the
high school so that was nice.  We got to sneak away for a little bit and watch the rodeo. We watched this guy get bucked off a horse and it fell on him and rolled all over
him it was crazy. Other than that we really had a good time at the rodeo.

Sat morning we went and attended a baptism which was really cool it
was the third baptism that I've been to since being in the field. It's
not me and my companions investigator but they are in our ward so we
help set up and get ready for it. Hopefully soon we will have one of
our investigators ready to be baptized. The lady that got baptized is
M. P.  she is awesome lady and has a strong testimony of the
gospel. Later we went and had dinner with bishop Toland and his
family. They are way cool.

Sunday was a good day and went to to the brother C's house and
gave him a lesson he is this ornery guy who does a lot of family
history stuff. But we had a good lesson and they also fed us a great
dinner.. Their spaghetti isn't as good as moms haha :)  We went to Brother
G's house for ice cream. He is the ward mission leader. He is a
way chill guy. He's like 27, He served his mission in Las Vegas. And
lives right next to the beach so we walked Down there and took

After that Elder Weiss, Cortez,  took me and Elder Izatt  down
underneath the cosway which is the bridge that separates the mainland
from the beach side it was pretty cool we watched this a guy who was
fishing for shrimp and these guys came up to us that were fishing and
they caught a hammerhead shark.  We went over there and Elder Izatt
picked it up with a rag so I picked it up with my bare hands and It
was awesome. I had a pretty good week and am enjoying my mission so

Elder Gentry

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