Thursday, April 16, 2015

General Conference 04/06/2015

Hey everybody, 

It has been a good week,  it has also been pretty slow.
There isn't much to talk about but I will talk about a family that we
met with Tuesday. We met with this family. They are really cool
The father, is a member but he went less active at the age of 14. His wife is not 
a member and neither are their kids. They have three daughters they all have
 been meeting with missionaries since 2009. But I guess they just haven't been baptized.
So our goal has been just to get to know them better and hopefully set
that date that they can get baptized. We talk to the mom, and  had a really
good lesson Tuesday. I feel like she's really progressing. We asked her what her 
 big concern was and she said that she wants to be honest when answering the baptismal questions like was Joseph Smith a true Prophet of God. So we asked her
 if she's prayed to know whether it's true and whether know if what the missionaries 
have taught is true. She said that she has really never prayed about it. We will
meet with her tomorrow to see how it's going. We're really excited.

I also want to talk about how great the members are. One place we
always go to is the W's they are really cool they're really
strong in the church and they are always inviting us over.  They treat us like
we're there own kids. We didn't have a dinner scheduled  for Easter Sunday so
they invited us over to have it with them and then we had a little
campfire in the backyard and just talked, it was really fun. 

My other favorite members have been brother and sister V. They are
snowbirds they come out to Florida during the winter from Utah. They
always treat us so well and it's so nice to be around them because
they are so happy all the time and plus they take us to Texas
Roadhouse every single time and who doesn't like that?? Their son is
serving a mission in Albuquerque New Mexico. So she knows what it's
like to be a "missionary mom" so she takes pictures of us and text's them
to our Moms. All of the members in my ward are just so awesome.

One last thing I want to talk about is General Conference.  General
Conference was really good I really enjoyed all the talks my favorites
were by David A. Bednar, Who talked about hushing out your fears by
having faith in Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father.  That's one thing
I've had to deal with in my short time out here is just have faith
that everything will be fine because it is so hard to talk to someone
and it can be so awkward sometimes.  Another one of my favorite talks
was by Jeffrey R. Holland he is so powerful when he talks and he just
talked about how we all need the Savior in our life to help us when we
are falling. It was so nice to hear from the prophets and 12 apostles
and I really enjoyed our "missionary vacation" haha. 

Love you guys and
miss you all.

Elder Gentry

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